Reba had just pulled up her story and started to get into the zone for the story when James came in with the telephone “who is it” Reva whispered to James not wanting to be disturbed while typing it was really amazing how the words just flowed she could create a new character. Create any scenario or scenes she wanted. It was all fiction and she loved it. In her book she could do anything she ever wanted to do. Become a millionaire or be a criminal or just anything she wanted. It was wonderful creating this fantasy Reba realize something that she never had thought of before. People could actually escape into their fantasies into a book. It did Happen she loved it and did not…

Hi, Rochelle here or the @DIYAffiliate on Youtube or thesecret_youtuber TikTok.Blogger Youtuber and Website Designer.Creator of #youarethecreatortutorials

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